Internet & Intranet, BDS-IT can help you with both

At the moment BDS-IT is specializing in creating Internet pages for companies or associations to present themselves on the Internet. But besides these customers we can also deliver custom build Intranet solutions for large companies or organisations.

Combining Intranet with the daily processes

An Internet page is always just the top of the iceberg of a large organisation. To fulfill wat is promised on the website many employees are working on the daily business tasks at many different departments. Because the focus of the company is always on the customer it can happen that the processes of the internal departments become out-dated or can even contain out-dated information.

To combine the intranet with these processes and administrative tasks BDS-IT can automate the daily tasks for employees, teamleaders and managers so that the tasks will become easyer to maintain and better to manage. Via the Intranet all information flows can be viewed and/or edited by only making use of an internet browser. No additional software is needed.

Combine information of departments on the Intranet

Frits Bakker, (owner of BDS-IT), is working in the IT since 1996 as a contractor. One problem has caught his attention during these years and a solution for this problem is added as a part of BDS-IT.

A department within a large company is almost an independent company with it's own employees and management. There are predefined tasks for the department and a budget has been defined based on these tasks. The information flows that enter the department are used for the daily tasks and periodically reports are presented to the higher management. However, it can happen that this is the only information flow that leaves the department. All other information and expierience that is needed to perform the tasks stays within the department.

BDS-IT can use the Intranet to bundle and present the information of different departments that have the same goal in the organisation but each have there own tasks and information flows. An example:
The information of Application management together with Server, Network and Capacity management can create a powerfull tool on the Intranet with real-time information.
This goal is also pursued by companies that develop change and incident registration systems but the disadvantage of these systems is that the are mostly developed on predefined concepts (ITIL for example) or the own vision of the company that developed the system. It almost never happens that a tool is developed based on the company that will buy the system.

If you are interested to sit down with Frits Bakker of BDS-IT an talk about the possibilities for your company dan please use the online form on the contact page of this website. Click here to open the online contact form.