Expierience in IT since 1996 on contract basis

This page is written in the first person. This website is for my company BDS-IT but this is currently a one man company and the information on this page is about my personal expierience that i've build up in IT during my career. For more information about my work and the companies i've worked for on contract basis i would like to refer to my CV which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Before I started the company BDS-IT in 2007 I've worked for the company Syntegra NL for 11 years. In 1996 I started at the company Rijnhaave Office Automation which later became Syntegra, a daughter of British Telecom. At the moment the name Syntegra has also been removed and the company is part of British Telecom.

During my carreer at Syntegra I've gained a lot of expierience in Application, Server and Capacity management but also as a technical project lead and application engineer. I am familiar with the ITIL and PRINCE2  methodology which are used in almsost every large company nowadays.

I'm a calm but enthusiastic person and I like to have fun in the environment I'm working in. By participating in a lot of project teams I can make accurate analyses about the tasks that need to be performed and due to my expierience in application and server management I'm a straight forward and user-friendly person.

During projects I often participated as technical consultant to define the technical design and plan of approach of the IT project. However, over the last years I've concentrated on improving the internal processes and procedures for IT departments by making them easyer to update and better to manage with help of the company's Intranet.

If you are looking for a serious application and/or server administrator or engineer for a Wintel based environment within your company. Or you want to have an independent person to review the internal procedures and processes within your IT department then I would again like to refer to my CV at the bottom of this page or contact me via the contact page of this website.

Kind regards,
Frits Bakker

Click here to open my CV in PDF format.
This document is written in Dutch but will soon be translated to English.