Welcome to the website of BDS-IT

BDS-IT creates clear Internet sites according to the wishes of the customer or complete by own design.
These Internet pages give the customers in your market clear and up to date information on your company and how that company can serve the customer.

What you see is what you get

BDS-IT has developed a system that makes is possible and very easy for you to maintain all textual content and pictures of your website. The difference with other company's that provide simular functionality is that while you're editing your page the look and feel of the website will hardly change at all. All text and pictures will stay in the exact same position on the page so that the required result can be reached as soon as possible.

BDS-IT is a young company that can create a custom made and easy to use website for your company or association. A selection of websites from customers of BDS-IT is displayed in our portfolio. These website can be opened and viewed by clicking on the name or the supporting screenshot of the website.
Click here to open the portfolio of BDS-IT.

Quick and free of charge a custom design can be made

Because of the system that BDS-IT has created a custom design can be made for your company in a short amount of time and free of charge.
This design will be made available to you thru www.bds-it.eu and is secured with a username and password so you will be the only one that can view and test the website.

Prior to this design a meeting can arranged with BDS-IT to talk about your wishes and to give you an idea what is possible on short notice. If possible these wishes will directly be added to the first design.

The first design will give you a good impression of what the site will look like and what options are available to you and your customers on the website to easily find all the content of the website.

Add content to your website completely by yourself

The website will be fully operational once the first design is finished. The only thing missing is the textual content and/or the photo's and pictures. You can easily add text and pictures to the website yourself.
To add text and pictures to the website nothing more is needed then a working Internet connection, all content of the website can be changed from anywhere you have access to the Internet.
Click here to read more about the web design of BDS-IT.