A new way of Web Design

As mensioned on the welcome page of this website, BDS-IT created a system that makes it very easy to change the content of any websit created by BDS-IT. The first customers of BDS-IT are now working with this system and it's proving to be so easy that without any explanation text and pictures can be changed online via the website. Also the possibility to add new content, tables or entire pages to a website is not a problem for any of the customers.

What makes this new system so user friendly?

The most important aspect of the system is that you don't have to worry about the technical functionality of your website. This is completely arranged by the system that your website runs on.
By going back to basics of a website, (displaying text and/or pictures), BDS-IT has developed the system in such a way so that you only have to add the text and pictures. Everything else is automated by the system.

Almost every Internet page is build up from multiple paragraphs and probably photo's or pictures that support the text. Within the system created by BDS-IT you can build up the content of every page of paragraph by paragraph.
A design can be selected per paragraph, the choice can be made to add a picture to the right or left side of the paragraph or to add a title that by default will be displayed in a color that stand out and for example can be displayed in a bold font.

Your company's theme automatically embedded in the entire website

During the design phase of the website the theme or style of your company will be added to the website.
Your logo will be embedded in the main design of the website and the colors of the textual content will be adjusted to the colors of your company's theme.

Every paragraph or table that is added to the website at a later time will automatically be displayed in the predetermined colors of your company's theme. Every page of the website will have the same look and feel which makes the website very user friendly and easy accessible for you and the visitors of the website.

Mutilple page types that you can add to the website yourself

The make the website more attractive BDS-IT has created several page designs. The website will probably be made up from text and pictures for a the main content but also the pages that require a different design have been created by BDS-IT.

This gives you the choice to add a news page to the website. When paragraphs are added to a news page the date that the paragraph was written will automatically be added to the paragraph and it is possible to add a link to an external website at the bottom of the paragraph that supports the news item.

Also a photo gallery can be added to the website. The only thing left for you to do is create new photo albums and fill them with photo's. The size of the photo's will automatically be changed to the dimensions of the website. This is again all done by the new sytem that BDS-IT developed.

Many websites also contain a page with information about other websites and links to these sites. BDS-IT has created a page design that makes it very easy for you to add links to other websites and add text and/or a pictures to define the content behind the link. An example of this page design can be seen on the portfolio page of this website.

An example is the best explanation

More then 100 pages can be written to explain how easy the new system is that BDS-IT created, but it is many times more affective to plan a meeting with BDS-IT for a presantation of all the functionality that is explained on this page.
You are most welcome to contact us via the online form on the contact page of this website to request more information. In a personal meeting/presentation you can decide for yourself if the system is that easy.